McNeil contradicts himself on failing to call inquiry

Nova Scotians are rallying for Stephen McNeil's Liberal government to do the right thing and call a full Public Inquiry into Canada’s worst mass shooting.

Today, two separate rallies are taking place to plead with Premier McNeil and Minister Furey  to stop the secretive “review” process and initiate an open, comprehensive public inquiry.

In Bridgewater, attendees will march to Minister Furey’s office, while in Halifax, the group “Women’s Wellness Within” will host a rally in Victoria Park.

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston will attend the rally in Bridgewater with MLAs Colton LeBlanc, Kim Masland and Steve Craig. MLA Barbara Adams will attend in Halifax.

“There was only one thing these families asked for: an inquiry. Given the unthinkable tragedy they have been through, it wasn’t a lot to ask,” says Houston.

Houston wants to know why 2013 Stephen McNeil knew the right thing to do, but 2020 Stephen McNeil is different.

In 2013 when victims of the Home for Colored Children learned the NDP were only announcing a review instead of an inquiry, Stephen McNeil said, "Victims wanted a public inquiry, the community wanted a public inquiry and the people of this province have asked for a public inquiry. Yet this government has failed all of us and this government has failed to listen. A panel is this government taking the easy way out. It's this government failing the victims; it's this government denying justice to an entire generation of Nova Scotians."

“In his own words: the Premier took the easy way out,” says Houston. “He has denied justice and denied the opportunity to make positive change for our entire province and country.”

The PC Caucus joins its voice with all Nova Scotians and beyond, urging the Premier to reconsider his decision.