McNeil Liberals unable or unwilling to keep MyHealthNS running

The McNeil Liberals have once again failed to modernize and provide timely access to health care, says Progressive Conservative Health Critic Karla MacFarlane in response to news that the MyHealthNS program will be abandoned.

On Friday, the McNeil government admitted it was unable to find a replacement for MyHealthNS administrator McKesson Canada, who in August stated that they would not renew their contract. After March 31st, some 38,000 patients across the province will no longer have the ability to access lab test results, diagnostics, and other medical information from home.

“It was Stephen McNeil who said in his recent State of the Province address to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, that we can’t keep expecting to see healthcare delivered in the same way it has been for previous generations,” said MacFarlane. “Abandoning this program signals that this government is not serious about modernization, and that they have no plans to bring healthcare into the 21st century.”

MacFarlane says modernization is key to reducing wait times and increasing access to healthcare.

“The McNeil Liberals knew seven months ago that they needed to work quickly to keep this innovative program alive,” said MacFarlane. “The fact that they have been unable to find partners to continue this service shows either that Stephen McNeil doesn’t think the service is a priority, or this government is too difficult for companies to work with.”

At their recent AGM, the PCs discussed expanding access to healthcare from home to reduce the number of people who have to wait at a hospital or make in-person doctor visits for information that could be transmitted electronically or over the phone.