MLA Dave Ritcey on Today's news from Stanfield's

Statement from PC MLA Dave Ritcey, Truro -  Bible Hill - Millbrook - Salmon River

Today's news from Stanfield's is devastating.

These aren't job numbers, they represent people getting up and going to work every day. In this case, these were people supporting Canadian frontline health workers during a global pandemic.

When it was discovered that the federal government did not have a sufficient stockpile of personal protective equipment to equip nurses and doctors across Canada, it was Stanfield’s and their employees that got to work making more.

Nova Scotians - and specifically Stanfield's - were among the first companies to step up. By ignoring Atlantic Canada, I feel the federal government is letting them down.

These 150 jobs, when added to the 55 positions lost by relocating the RCMP communications centre, paints a troubling picture about the focus on growing our rural economies.

I’ve heard a lot of people say we’re all in this together, the sad reality is we’re not. There are some of us who have it worse than others right now. Let’s do well to remember that, and our struggling rural communities as Canada commits to Build Back Better.