Money for U.S. ferry operators; but no plan for Sydney Airport

Northside-Westmount MLA Murray Ryan says the government needs to get in front of a camera and explain this disparaging difference in government support.

“The Sydney Airport has moved more people in the last two years during the middle of a global pandemic than the Yarmouth Ferry has in three years,” says Ryan. “’I’m an accountant but I don’t even need easy math to tell you that thousands of people are more than zero people. So why is it that Bay Ferries still collects a paycheque?”

The airport was a large employer across the CBRM, with many employees affected by its closure. On January 11, 2021, Air Canada indefinitely suspended its operations at the Airport. Bay Ferries appears to have received its management fee despite not carrying a single passenger for the second year running.

Ryan says it’s not about pitting one part of the province against the other, but rather about all parts of the province expecting a plan from their government.

“This kind of disappointment isn’t a new feeling for Cape Bretoners, but nothing compares when you see a clear imbalance between services,” says Ryan. “If millions of dollars can be tossed to a private operator for no return, why is an essential service being taken away from Cape Bretoners without a second thought?”

Ryan said that the PCs have been calling for testing in airports to maximize safety and peace of mind for those travelling in.

PC Leader Tim Houston wrote to Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra on Jan. 14 to request that he look into the matter as soon as possible.