New École Wedgeport Location Announced

The school will be located on Highway 334, close to the existing school. Originally set to begin construction in 2019-2020, site preparations are expected to begin in August 2020 and the new school is expected to open in January 2022.
“I am happy that the community of Wedgeport has finally received long-awaited information on the new school project,” says Progressive Conservative MLA, Colton LeBlanc. “Parents and community members have been calling for a reliable new school, this is exciting news.”
The official announcement that Wedgeport would receive a new school was first made public in April 2018. School Advisory Councils have done tremendous work to get the school plans off the ground and into action. The community expects further updates on design and participate in ongoing discussions including the consideration of including renewable energy at the site of the new school.
“The new Wedgeport school will bring the students an environment that's safe and healthy with modern amenities of education and increase support for French language students and families,” says LeBlanc. “I will continue to request updates on the building progress to make sure the community is well-informed going forward. This news is long anticipated for French language students, their families and people want to be a part of it.”
A funding application has been submitted to Heritage Canada through the Department of Education and Early Childhood Intervention for a community and cultural centre to be included in the build. The inclusion of a community centre in the new school build would greatly benefit families in the area and enrich community programs for the Acadian community of Wedgeport.