Nova Scotia Family Doctor Waitlist tops 66,000

The Need A Family Practice Registry continues to skyrocket under the governing Liberals.

Today, there are 66,404 Nova Scotians who are waiting for a family doctor or nurse practitioner. Up 878 from last month.

PC MLA Karla MacFarlane and critic for Health and Wellness is saddened by the increase, but not surprised. Nearly one in five people in Pictou County do not have a family doctor, according to Nova Scotia Health data.

“Every day as MLAs, we hear from Nova Scotians who need a family doctor. I’m sure the Liberal MLAs have constituents who call them too. Why they’re not advocating for them is beyond me,” says MacFarlane. “The Liberals have been in power for eight years. We can all agree that this problem didn’t happen overnight, but where we differ is that we acknowledge the system is in crisis and we have put actual solutions forward to address it.”

MacFarlane encourages the Premier and his Liberal colleagues to admit there’s a problem.

“People want to be heard. Access to primary care is a vital component of healthcare. If everyone had access to a family doctor or a nurse practitioner, healthcare outcomes would improve in this province,” says MacFarlane. “We have exceptional healthcare workers. The best of the best. But the problem is, we don’t have enough and not everyone has access to them.”

PC leader Tim Houston agrees. As leader, he has released comprehensive, common-sense plans to address the shortcomings in the healthcare system.

Hope for Health is a blueprint of reform that was launched in early February. It targets six areas long overdue for a healthcare reform across the province:

  • Access to Care
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Prevention & Education
  • System Modernization
  • Addressing Chronic Illness
  • Local Decision-Making

“There’s never been a more important time to improve the healthcare system. The problems that existed pre-pandemic will be there, but magnified,” says Houston. “I decided early on that I wouldn’t criticize without putting a plan forward. I want Nova Scotians to know exactly how I would address the complex challenges in the healthcare system.”

Under a PC government, virtual care options would be expanded to those individuals without a primary care practitioner on the province’s Need A Family Practice Registry.