Nova Scotia last in North America in Vaccinations

Nova Scotians are growing anxious after learning that the province has the lowest vaccination rate in North America at just 0.3 people per 100 vaccinated.

“We have to do better. 24-hour clinics and pharmacies are obvious opportunities,” says PC Leader Tim Houston. “Just catching up is not enough. We should lead the country.”

Recent vaccination data from Covid-19 Tracker Canada shows that as of yesterday, Nova Scotia lags behind every other province at 0.3 while Prince Edward Island at 2.3 per 100 is leading the country.

“Nova Scotians did their part and are now counting on the government to administer the vaccine quickly,” says Colton LeBlanc, PC critic for Prehospital and Preventive Care. “The Premier is quick to hide from the facts by accusing the Official Opposition of ‘politicizing’ them but these are facts, not speculations, and the Liberal government needs to answer to Nova Scotians.”

Several high-profile advocates including CARP and Dr. Lisa Barrett have also pushed the government to go faster. The Moderna vaccine was received on December 31 but was not administered to seniors until yesterday, over ten days later. The government acknowledged they didn’t yet know how to transport it.

“There was time to plan. Jurisdictions around the country figured out transportation logistics. Nova Scotia chose to wait until after it arrived and we’re seeing the resulting delay of that now,” said LeBlanc.

Nova Scotians need the government to share its plan and progress and that means daily updates on vaccines administered, just like other provinces.

“The government must post daily numbers including the total number of vaccines received, administered, the number of people that have received both doses and also the number received and administered that day,” says Houston.

Houston says there are many opportunities for the government to speed things up.

“Nova Scotians have been told time and time again that there is light at the end of the tunnel and to be patient as the vaccine rolls out,” says Houston. “Well, this is a long tunnel and will be even longer if the Liberal government doesn’t speed up their strategy and keep the public in the know.”