Parliamentary Report calls for massive long-term care investment

A Parliamentary Report validates the PC Plan to make historic investments in long-term care and debunks Iain Rankin’s notion of “overbuilding.”

The Parliamentary Budget Officer is warning that governments will need to double their spending to meet the necessary improvements the Pandemic exposed in long-term care.

PC Leader Tim Houston says the PC Party’s Dignity for Seniors plan to build at least 2,500 new, single room long-term care beds and hire 2,000 additional staff is a clear contrast to the Rankin Liberals who hope to build just 500 new beds.

“It’s clear the Rankin Liberals don’t understand the investment that is required to support our seniors to age with dignity,” says Houston. “With an aging population, and eight years of a government that failed to invest in infrastructure, it’s time to take an evidenced-based approach to long-term care.”

“Nova Scotians should be worried that the same Liberals who ignored Northwood’s calls for help three years in a row will ignore the federal calls to make investments in long-term care.”

Yesterday, the federal Parliamentary Budget Officer reported that long-term care needs an initial investment of $13.7 billion across the federal, provincial and territorial governments.

The independent report calls for:

  • A 26% increase in the number of long-term care beds in Canada;
  • Increasing the hours of care to four hours per resident, per day; and
  • Recognizing the imbalance between provincial and federal spending on long-term care.

The PC long-term care strategy plans to address the existing wait list now, and the anticipated need in the future as The Canadian Institute of Health Information estimates that the number of seniors over 75 will double between 2017 and 2037.

The PC Party also commits to providing 4.1 hours of care per day for those in homes, and to provide a $500 grant for seniors for those staying at home.

“Regardless of what Iain Rankin says, it’s not possible to over invest in our seniors,” says Houston. “We have seniors waiting for a spot in long-term care, many of them in hospitals, and many who worry for their future; it is clear to everyone except the Liberals, that we need to make meaningful investments in long-term care.”