Pat Dunn tables Petition for new Trenton schools

Today, Pictou Centre MLA Pat Dunn tabled a petition calling on the government to replace the elementary and middle school in the Town of Trenton, which are in poor condition.

“The elementary school was built in 1965; the Middle School was constructed in three phases, 1925, 1953 and 1986. These concerns are overdue to be addressed,” says Dunn, who was a teacher and principal at the former Trenton High School, which is now the middle school named in the petition.

“The students and the hard-working staff in the Trenton community need a 21st-century classroom where each and every one can have the educational opportunities that every child in Nova Scotia deserves,” says Dunn.

New School Committee Chairperson Scott Cameron and Dunn met with representatives from the Town Council, School Advisory Council, and concerned parents on Sunday to discuss the need for the new school. Dunn has been advocating to government officials, including the former Minister of Education, for the past few years to have the outdated schools addressed.

“The students deserve better. I went to both schools, my kids attended these schools, and now my grandchildren are going to these schools - it’s time to provide the student with a better learning environment,” said Chairperson Scott Cameron.

“Thank you to all the teachers and staff who continue to do their best with the tools they have,” says Dunn. “I urge the government to commit to giving our students updated classrooms so that the teachers and students can enjoy the benefits of a modern education.”