PC candidate fights to keep bank open

PC Candidate Susan Corkum-Greek is fighting to keep New Germany’s only bank open.

Corkum-Greek, the PC candidate for Lunenburg is deeply concerned that the closure of the Royal Bank of Canada branch will undermine the viability of businesses in the area that are critical to building vibrant, year-round communities. RBC announced last week that the New Germany branch would close, citing declining demand for in-person services.

“I have written to the CEO and the Atlantic President of RBC to impress upon them the importance of the New Germany branch, both to the village and to the 20 small communities served by the branch,” Corkum Greek said. “Not only does this mean a direct loss of jobs, it’s really the potential spiral of lost economic activity that can happen when those who must now travel to Bridgewater for banking start picking up a few other items while there.”

Corkum-Greek says she’s impressed that community leaders, including the New Germany Area Promotion Society, have wasted no time in reaching out to the LaHave Credit Union and she encourages them to explore all options.

“I watched a similar process unfold in Riverport a number of years ago when BMO closed its branch there. At the time, customers were encouraged to visit branches at Lunenburg and Bridgewater, which didn’t seem like so very far to drive. As a result, any talk of a credit union was just that – talk.”

But then the Lunenburg branch closed in 2017, meaning many people had to move their banking again.

“I’ve always wondered whether we missed out on an opportunity,” says Corkum-Greek, who lives in the greater Riverport area. “There are still lots of people who either prefer or must access banking services that can only be done in person. After all, no bank machine can give you change for your till.”