PC candidate is disappointed that the Liberals didn't consult families

Progressive Conservative candidate for Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River, Dave Ritcey, is disappointed that the McNeil government is making a decision that affects local families without community input.

Late Tuesday afternoon, an email to parents was circulated that students in grade five will be moved to junior high, while grade nine students will be moved to high school because of pressures created by pre-primary. There has been no consultation with families about these school grade realignments.

“As a parent of a grade three student, I’m disappointed that families weren’t consulted. My child will now be going to junior high a whole year earlier,” says Ritcey. “This decision affects so many local families. They should have been consulted before this decision was made, not after.”

Ritcey says with no representation at the provincial level, and no elected school boards, parents have nowhere to turn to ask questions and voice their concerns.

“Premier McNeil played politics with this constituency and waited to call the byelection based on a political calculation. Now, we have a significant decision being made in our community and we don’t have an MLA to turn to,” says Ritcey. “They’re putting the cart ahead of the horse. All of this implementation work should have been in 2017-18 when they first announced pre-primary.”

Ritcey put his name on the ballot because he values the importance of consulting with people.

“I’m running to be an MLA so our community has a voice in Halifax when decisions are made that directly affect our area,” concludes Ritcey.