PC CAUCUS STATEMENT: Tory Rushton on the release of the Geotechnical Study of Highway 104.

The following is a statement from Cumberland South MLA, Tory Rushton, on the release of the Geotechnical Study of Highway 104.


“I’m pleased to see the Liberal government has finally released the study pertaining to investigating the potential risk for sinkholes forming around the Oxford section of the 104 Trans-Canada Highway. Residents in Cumberland County and the travellers of this busy section of highway have been anxiously awaiting this report.


The presence of the Department of Transportation in the area over the last few days has caused concern and panic for some residents in the area, who felt misled about the work being done.


The travelling public needs confidence in our roads and highways. The Liberals have not done the greatest job of instilling this confidence with this process.


Why the Minister for Transportation and Infrastructure, Lloyd Hines has withheld the report for almost ten months is beyond me. If Minister Hines was sincere about safety, he shouldn’t have sat on the report for nearly a year and should have requested that the Department start work at the beginning of the 2020 construction season, instead of this week.


My office will be conducting a thorough review of the report in the coming days."