PC Government announces supports for community-based housing in Preston

The PC Government has announced it is taking important steps to eliminate systemic barriers and support community housing in four African Nova Scotian communities in Preston.

“African Nova Scotian communities have unique needs when it comes to housing. Historically, governments have not always engaged before making important program decisions,” said Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Lohr. “We’re working together to understand historical and existing issues that impact residents and identify options to create more sustainable community-owned housing opportunities now and in the future.”

The Government will transfer up to 50 public housing units to the Preston Area Housing Fund under an MOU and launch discussions to address inequities and explore opportunities to support long-term housing in the area. This will include work to transfer up to 50 provincially owned housing units in East Preston, North Preston, Cherry Brook and Westphal to the organization.

The Government also announced it will provide $3.5 million to support the repair and maintenance of those units.