PC health solutions attract broad support

Former Liberal and NDP supporters switch to Houston PCs to fix healthcare.

PC Leader Tim Houston has attracted the most diverse team of candidates in the PC Party’s history, including several who voted for the Liberals and NDP in the last election.

“I am proud of all of our candidates. Regardless of who they’ve supported in the past, they are united around a common cause - fixing the healthcare crisis caused by Iain Rankin’s Liberals,” said Houston. “As Premier, backed by a team of PC MLAs, we are the only party that is making fixing healthcare priority number one of a new PC government.”

On Friday, PC leader Tim Houston was endorsed by former NDP Cabinet Minister, Denise Peterson-Rafuse. Ms. Peterson-Rafuse said the only choice for Nova Scotians looking to end Iain Rankin’s healthcare crisis is PC Leader Tim Houston.

She’s not the only one who is voting differently this election. The PC Party’s laser focus on healthcare attracted seven PC candidates who voted Liberal or NDP in 2017.

“Like many Nova Scotians, we gave the Liberals a chance, but they have failed to fix healthcare after eight years in office,” said Dr. Sura Hadad. “That’s why I’m proud to run as part of Tim Houston’s PC Team. We have the only leader and the only plan with solutions for healthcare.”

Last year, Houston announced three detailed, costed plans to improve healthcare:
  • Dignity for our Seniors
  • Hope for Health
  • Universal Mental Health Care
Nova Scotians can vote for better health care with Tim Houston’s PCs Monday and Election Day.