PC MLAs urge the Standing Committee on Community Services to convene

The past four months have provided uncertainty for all Nova Scotians, in particular our most vulnerable children. These children and their families could suffer permanent separation and other unintended consequences that have yet to be addressed by the McNeil government.


Progressive Conservative MLAs, Brian Comer and Steve Craig, are calling on the Chair of the Standing Committee on Community Services to reconvene the Committee as soon as possible to address these concerns. They have sent a letter to Keith Irving, Chair of the committee (letter attached).


“As legislators we have a duty to ensure the safety and protection of families in our communities. To do that we must convene the Standing Committee on Community Services,” says Comer. “Parental visitations were suspended for months, and the Department of Community Services did not extend timelines for matters under the Children and Family Services. We want to know the impact and how the Department is going to plan to deal with the fall out.”


There have been two meetings held by phone of the Standing Committee on Human Resources, proving that there is a mechanism for meetings to take place if in-person meetings are still not an option for the government to facilitate.


“The Standing Committee on Community Services is responsible for making very important decisions that affect vulnerable children. We do not have time to push these issues aside any longer,” says Craig. “I urge the Chair to prioritize scheduling an in-person committee meeting so we can all move forward with this vital work.”


Legislators across the country have been meeting. Nova Scotians expect their elected officials to operate at the same level as their counterparts in other jurisdictions. There have been many sacrifices that people have made throughout this pandemic, the Standing Committee on Community Services can work to reduce and prevent unnecessary suffering and sacrifice for families.


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