PC reaction to school reopening framework

Tim Halman, Progressive Conservative Education Critic and MLA for Dartmouth East made the following statement:


The McNeil Liberal education framework provides no certainty for parents. With only five weeks left before school, parents aren’t sure what circumstances will trigger which scenario or when the final decision will be made.


Parents were hoping that after today’s announcement they could make plans regarding their own employment, childcare needs and their children’s safety. The Minister didn’t provide those answers.


What the Minister announced today is not a plan, in fact it provides fewer directives and operational details than what our Caucus proposed in June. The PC’s Ready for What’s Next plan for education included more than 30 recommendations for the government, including best practices for safety on bussing and in classrooms, procuring protective equipment and appropriate mental health supports.


This framework may have been acceptable in May. It’s not acceptable in late July. The Minister should be providing regular, detailed updates over the next few weeks when he is able to answer questions that parents have.


As a parent and a former educator, I question the lack of details being provided. Parents were told to be patient and to have faith that when the government did release their plan, it would address their concerns.