PC’s will Revitalize Rural Recreation with Plan to Rebuild Rural Rinks

Nova Scotians can look forward to smooth skating on revitalized rural rinks under a PC Government. Tim Houston and the PC team have put forward an innovative platform of solutions for Nova Scotians, including the Rink Sustainability Fund to help with repairs and maintenance of aging facilities.  

“I’ve had the pleasure of touring this province in my current job, but also as a hockey dad,” said PC Leader Tim Houston. “I know exactly how important these rinks are and the family memories that are made in them across the province.”

Rinks are also an economic driver for many rural communities, particularly during the tourism off-season, with hockey tournaments accounting for many hotel bookings and restaurant seatings.

With 81 rinks across the province and municipal budgets that are stretched thinner and thinner, the PC Party recognizes not only the economic benefits, but also the societal importance these facilities have in our communities. In Iain Rankin’s only budget, a single rink received direct funding from the province. The rest were left to municipalities.

A PC Government will also introduce the Kids Activity Tax Credit, to help cover the costs of enrolling their children in sports and arts activities. Parents can claim $500 per child, per year, to help more families afford to enroll their children in activities that will improve their well-being.

“We know that cash is tight. Nova Scotians are seeing the prices of everything rise, from rent, to gas to groceries. They can use a little help,” said Dave Ritcey, PC Candidate in Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River and former President and Board Chair of the Maritime Junior A Hockey League. “The Kids Activity Tax Credit will get kids away from their screens and back to the rink or the ballpark, help families financially while kids benefit mentally and physically.”


"My path to the Stanley Cup went through rinks just like the Don Henderson Memorial Sportsplex in Brookfield. These arenas exist all across Nova Scotia to serve their communities, and to keep kids active.

I'm incredibly happy to see Tim Houston and the PCs take steps to support upgrades to these rinks, and support the youth who play in them."

Jon Sim, New Glasgow-born NHL Veteran