PCs: Are McNeil Liberals using the COVID-19 App?

While other provinces have made use of Canada’s contact tracing COVID-19 app, the McNeil Liberals have been silent on how it’s being used here in Nova Scotia. The Progressive Conservatives are looking for data.

“The COVID Alert App is the best contact tracing tool at the disposal of Nova Scotians, let’s make sure that we use it,” says Colton LeBlanc, MLA for Argyle-Barrington and PC Critic for Pre-Hospital and Preventative Health Care. “We know the Liberals don’t like to share information with Nova Scotians, but this is too important.”

The app keeps track of potential COVID-19 cases, but not your personal information. Users who test positive are given a unique code that triggers an alert to anyone who may have come in contact with the virus asking them to get tested.

The Liberal government has not said how many contract tracing codes have been given out, or confirmed any conversations with the federal government about the number of Nova Scotians who have downloaded and used it.

“If the governing Liberals’ sole focus is on COVID-19, they should want the same answers we want,” says LeBlanc. “We see Doctor Strang working to keep the public informed. The Premier shouldn't be shy to help out occasionally by making a few phone calls to Ottawa."

Nova Scotia's cumulative testing per capita is among the lowest in the country. With the Liberals not acting on testing in airports or at schools, encouraging contact tracing is that much more important.