PCs call for Rotational Worker hotline as Rankin Government locks Nova Scotians out of Nova Scotia

PC MLAs are calling on the government to provide support to hundreds of Nova Scotians who have been affected by travelling to their home province. Despite submitting the required paperwork as soon as they found out their job status changed, some rotational workers have not been granted entry.

Two individuals who reached out to PC MLA Brian Comer landed Tuesday night at the Halifax airport, where there is still no testing.

“The Rankin government won’t test at airports but has no problem keeping incoming Nova Scotia workers stuck at them,” says Comer.

The PCs want a formal process that would allow rotational workers to contact someone with authority to work through procedures and options. They also seek clarity on what happens to Nova Scotians who are denied their right to come home.

The Premier made changes to the process on Wednesday, but those changes haven’t made it any easier for Nova Scotians to navigate the system. Comer says the lack of clarity surrounding this rule speaks to the Premier’s inexperience.

“My understanding is that Nova Scotians are expected to pay for accommodations at their own expense,” says Comer. “It wasn’t clear if there was an ‘approved’ area in our province or if workers had to go back to the province they came from.”

There has been no sympathy or flexibility from the Rankin government on jobs ending early, leaving many Nova Scotians stranded between the province where they work and the province in which they reside.

Comer was given one piece of correspondence detailing the denial of entry. He shared on his social media. He says a dedicated phone line to provide information to workers is badly needed.

“These are Nova Scotians, who live in Nova Scotia, and who have only left Nova Scotia because there are no jobs for them in Nova Scotia,” says Comer. “Now, the Nova Scotia government doesn’t want to take their call.”