PCs call for Veterans Affairs Committee to help struggling Legions

The Royal Canadian Legion plays a crucial role in supporting and honouring Veterans. Yesterday, PC MLAs Kim Masland and Murray Ryan called for the Veterans Affairs Committee to meet to discuss the real possibility that Legions in Nova Scotia could close permanently as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Legions are important for the social lives of our veterans, to keep them active in our communities, and for providing them support,” says Murray Ryan, MLA for Northside-Westmount and Critic for Veterans’ Affairs. “We cannot let Legions be another loss resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.”


Nova Scotia’s Legions were forced to close because of COVID-19 and the lack of revenue has put some Legions in a very difficult financial situation. Some are at risk of closing their doors permanently, which would take a substantial toll on veterans and their communities.

Ryan, along with fellow Veterans Affairs Committee member Kim Masland, want the Committee to meet so that elected officials can discuss the future of Legions before it's too late.


“If we don’t act soon, these closures could become permanent,” says Kim Masland, MLA for Queens-Shelburne. “Nova Scotia Legion members need their elected representatives to work towards a solution, and the Veterans Affairs Committee exists as a way for us to discuss such issues facing our veterans.”


The Human Resources Committee recently met, successfully, using a teleconferencing platform, and a second meeting is scheduled for next week. The PCs have sent a letter to the chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee, Rafah DiCostanzo, to convene this committee as soon as possible in a similar manner.