PCs to opposition: vote ‘no’ on MLA raise

There is only one way for Liberal and NDP MLAs to show Nova Scotians they don’t want a 12 percent raise: immediately pass the bill to stop the raise, says PC MLA Tom Taggart.

This morning, Tim Houson said PC MLAs cannot accept the wage hike proposed by the MLA Remuneration Review Panel while so many Nova Scotians are struggling with skyrocketing prices.

MLA for Colchester North, Tom Taggart, fully supports Premier Houston’s request of the Speaker to reconvene the Legislature next Tuesday to terminate this mandatory raise.

“With the cost of everything increasing, if any MLA thinks now is an appropriate time to give ourselves a raise, they are out of touch” MLA Taggart said. “Next week, all MLAs have a chance to tell Nova Scotians quickly and clearly that an MLA pay hike simply isn’t appropriate.”

The raise can be stopped in a matter of a few hours if all political parties agree.

“The recommendations of the panel are binding, so if we don’t take action, this raise will happen. Our PC Caucus is acting right away, and I hope the opposition follows suit,” says MLA Taggart. “If MLAs aren’t willing to give unanimous consent, it makes you wonder if they want the raise.”