PCs introduce bill to bring ridesharing to NS

Today, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston fulfilled his commitment to introduce ridesharing legislation that will improve transportation options and consumer choice for all Nova Scotians.

The legislation creates a new category of license that removes certain barriers to ridesharing operations in the province. It will harmonize Nova Scotia with similar legislation passed in Prince Edward Island, and will make ridesharing operations consistent with other jurisdictions across the country and world. Under this new category, everyone who operates a vehicle for ridesharing purposes in the province will be required to:

  • Pass a clean criminal record check, with updates every two years;
  • Hold a valid Class 5 license for a minimum of three years; and
  • Complete a rigorous training program that covers topics like safe driving, conflict resolution, and diversity training.

“It’s time to modernize our province. Hundreds of jurisdictions around the world have figured out how to integrate ridesharing with other transportation options. It’s time for Nova Scotia to catch up,” says Houston. “Safety of passengers is always top of mind, and we’re committed to making sure any new regulations or laws put an emphasis on keeping Nova Scotians safe.”

Eleven days ago, Houston announced at the Progressive Conservative AGM that he would introduce ridesharing legislation in the spring session of the Legislature.

“The response has been very positive. Nova Scotians across the province want transportation options, and ridesharing gives them that,” says Houston.

The McNeil Liberals called a ridesharing press conference for Wednesday but postponed the announcement at the last minute.