PCs legislation would help veterans seeking financial aid, and keep spouses together

The courage and sacrifices made by veterans can never be repaid, but it’s our duty to make sure that those who have served have access to the resources they need.

Today, Progressive Conservative Military Affairs Critic Murray Ryan introduced legislation to establish a Valour Fund. The Valour Fund will provide veterans and their families financial assistance for healthcare items like hearing aids, prosthetics and wheelchairs, as well as for home repairs and moving costs.

In addition, Barbara Adams, PC Critic for Seniors, introduced the Veterans Fairness Act. This Bill requires the Nova Scotia Health Authority to allow the spouses of veterans in long-term care to become resident in the same facilities as their spouses. This has been a long standing commitment by the PC Caucus.

“One of the most tragic realities for our veterans is that they dedicate their lives to our country and to protecting others, only to be left without the support they need from their government,” said Ryan.

"Our veterans and their spouses deserve respect," says Adams. " When our country needed them, they answered that call. There are many identified gaps in services and resources for veterans, these two pieces of legislation close two of them.  I urge the Liberals to pass these common sense bills."

The Act to Establish a Valour Fund would create a $200,000 fund, where grants up to $2,000 would be available to Nova Scotian veterans who are in financial need. Often, these needs are either rejected, not covered by Veterans Affairs Canada, or take too long to process by the Federal government.

Ryan says that having immediate crisis supports, even in small amounts, will make a big difference.

"The transition from a life of service is difficult, and many of us face steep costs associated with injuries and the change back to civilian life. Bills don’t stop when you’re in a medical crisis," Sgt (ret) Roland Lawless CD, President Veterans Memorial Medical Centre. "This fund would go a long way in helping Veterans and their families who are struggling to cover these costs."

The fund will be open to all who served honourably.

“We owe it to those who were willing to put their lives on the line to make sure that they can afford essential items and necessary home repairs,” said Ryan. “A Valour Fund would show veterans our gratitude, and help to repay them for their service.”

Adams says that veterans and their spouses have been forgotten by this government.

"Separating veterans and their spouses is wrong," says Adams. "No more putting it off, we must act now and make sure no more veterans are separated from their spouses in long-term care facilities."

Nova Scotia has a rich history of dedicated military service that is ongoing today.