PCs table plan for cleaner environment, stronger economy

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston and PC Cumberland North MLA Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin will each introduce legislation today that will lower emissions by increasing consumption of locally-produced foods.

“This is an opportunity to achieve both a better economy and a cleaner environment,” says Houston. “By encouraging Nova Scotians to buy locally-produced foods, we can both boost our local economies and cut down on unnecessary pollution.”

In short, encouraging local consumption will have a direct benefit to our environment and keep more money in our communities.

“Nova Scotia is home to many farms, and we should be making every effort to support them by making local foods our first choice,” says McCrossin. “Buying local puts more money back into our communities so that we can all thrive together.”

Amendments to the Sustainable Development Goals Act (Houston) would set a target of Nova Scotians spending 30 percent of money spent on food from locally-produced sources by 2030, while the Buy Nova Scotia First Act (Smith-McCrossin) would encourage government offices and departments to give priority to buying local foods.

“These bills would serve as a statement of commitment to local farmers and they’re a great first step towards encouraging people to buy local food products,” says Charles Ryan, Wysmykal Farm. “Buying local is a win-win for Nova Scotians, because by supporting local farmers you support your local communities.”

(Sustainable Development Goals amendments)

(Buy Nova Scotia First Act: https://nslegislature.ca/legc/bills/62nd_2nd/1st_read/b020.htm)