Physician Waitlist grows by 15,000 additional Nova Scotians under Rankin Liberals

The ever-increasing physician waitlist under the Rankin Liberals shows more than ever the need for Tim Houston and the PC Party’s Solutions for Nova Scotians.

Waitlist numbers released yesterday by the Nova Scotia Health Authority show that 71,666 of our family, friends, and neighbours are seeking a doctor, an increase of nearly 2,600 people since the start of Iain Rankin’s state of emergency election.

“We are the only party with the solutions to fix healthcare,” says Houston. “These aren’t numbers, these are Nova Scotians, young and old, who are looking for some hope in the healthcare system.”

Later today, Houston will meet with Doctors Nova Scotia to discuss the physician waitlist and the broader healthcare crisis. Houston first outlined his vision for healthcare back in February. During that same timeline, the number of Nova Scotians without a family doctor has grown to unfathomable numbers.

“Since becoming leader of the Liberal Party, 15,807 Nova Scotians have been added to the waitlist on Iain Rankin’s watch,” said Tim Houston PC Leader. “Despite being elected on a promise of a doctor for every Nova Scotian, the Rankin Liberals are now telling Nova Scotians that having a family doctor is an outdated model of care.”

While Iain Rankin’s first priorities in office were to allow dogs on patios and subsidize cars for the wealthy, the PC Party has published comprehensive plans to address the healthcare crisis.

The PC Hope for Health Plan includes measures that will:

  • Improve access to Primary Health Providers
  • Reduce surgery wait times
  • Recruit and retain more doctors
  • Expand Telehealth and Virtual Care
  • Create a new Chronic Illness Treatment and Prevention Program
  • Reduce the financial burden of infertility treatments
  • Ensure healthy eating becomes part of the curriculum in schools

“Nova Scotians cannot wait any longer for solutions to the healthcare crisis,” said Houston. “Before the end of this election campaign, my family and I will be joining nearly 72,000 of our fellow Nova Scotians on the waitlist when our family doctor retires on August 13th. That includes my children, my wife Carol, and Carol’s parents. Iain Rankin’s priorities demonstrate a lack of understanding of how serious the situation really is. My heart goes out to every Nova Scotian anxious about being able to access primary care in this province.”