Poor government planning leaves community museums worried

With confusion and uncertainty still surrounding the reopening, another announcement has left many communities concerned about the Liberals’ failure to coordinate and communicate their plans.

This week, the Rankin Liberals announced that admission to Nova Scotia museums would be free through July and August. What the Liberals failed to recognize was that Nova Scotia is home to close to 150 museums, of which only 28 are provincially run and are free to visit this summer.

Cumberland South MLA Tory Rushton is worried that the miscommunication could have a serious impact on community-run museums that have struggled over the course of the pandemic.

“There are many community-owned museums in Nova Scotia that have been hit hard by COVID-19, and don’t have the luxury of opening for free like the ones run provincially,” says Rushton. “It’s important that the Premier clarifies this statement so that it doesn’t fall to the community museums to inform their visitors who are under the assumption that their museum is free to enter.”

Like schools, gyms, and places of worship, there has been a lack of clarity regarding their reopening and the protocols in place.

Rushton says that it would be helpful for the government to also promote and encourage the community museums and tourist attractions as the province begins marketing tourism initiatives.

“Communities take pride in their museums because they represent the history, the talent, and the hard work that has been put in over many generations, and I would like to see our government promote visiting these community museums as well,” says Rushton. “It should be of importance to our government that we don’t put these museums at a disadvantage this summer because of poor communications.”