Queens General Hospital Emergency Room closed again

Two new closures of the Queens General emergency department show the depth of the healthcare crisis under Iain Rankin’s Liberals.

“Until last month, the Queens General ER had never shut its doors,” said Queens PC candidate Kim Masland.  “I can’t believe we have gotten to the point where people who need emergency care will find a closed sign on the door.”

Nova Scotia Health has indicated the emergency room at Queens General will be closed Monday and Tuesday. Masland said the unprecedented closures are the latest symptom of a health system that is broken.

During the ‘state of emergency’ election, the number of Nova Scotians who need a doctor skyrocketed to almost 72,000. The ambulance service experienced 600 code criticals and Nova Scotians were horrified to hear that an 86-year-old man was lying in his driveway for three hours waiting for an ambulance that never came.

“The health system has gotten worse since Iain Rankin became premier,” Masland said. “Only Tim Houston and a PC government have the vision and solutions to fix healthcare.”


The PC Solutions for Healthcare Plan includes:

  • Establishing access to a telehealth/virtual care system for any individual on the waiting list for a primary care health provider;
  • Opening our ORs beyond Monday to Friday 9-5, to clear the backlog of surgeries;
  • Focusing on recruitment strategy around internationally trained graduates; and
  • Expanding virtual care to more healthcare providers.