Rankin admits Liberals didn’t spend enough on mental health

Liberal Leader Iain Rankin admitted today that his party didn’t do enough on mental health over the last eight years.

At today’s leadership debate at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, Rankin said the Liberal government “underinvested” in mental health.

“Iain Rankin finally admitted what most Nova Scotians know - the Liberals didn’t do enough to support mental health in the province,” said Barbara Adams, PC candidate for Eastern Passage.  “This is why we can’t afford the risk of four more years of Iain Rankin’s healthcare crisis.  We need a new Premier and a new government that makes health care, including mental health, the number one priority.”

PC Leader Tim Houston is the only leader who will provide Universal Mental Health Care, making Nova Scotia the first province in Canada to do so.

“That’s the choice for Nova Scotians concerned about mental health: four more years of Iain Rankin’s healthcare crisis or Tim Houston’s solutions for mental health,” concluded Adams.