Rankin erases mention of ‘Nova Scotia,’ replaces it with his own name

The Nova Scotia government has quietly changed their name, and it no longer includes the words ‘Nova Scotia.’

In attempts to escape from the last eight years’ failures, the Liberals have recently rebranded from the ‘government of Nova Scotia’ to the ‘Rankin government.’ PC leader Tim Houston says that the Premier should be focusing on healthcare, not on boosting his name recognition during a pandemic.

“You can change your name, but you can’t change your history,” says Houston. “The fact is, this government is made up of the same people who sat by while healthcare, mental health and long-term care went into crisis.”

After eight years of this Liberal government, more than 60,000 Nova Scotians do not have a family doctor, rural surgery wait times are often over two years, and emergency room closures topped 63,332.5 hours last year. Houston says that it’s not only Rankin running away from a government, but also this government trying to boost the Premier’s name recognition with taxpayer dollars in advance of an election.

“It’s not one person’s government, it’s the people’s government. That’s what the government is supposed to be,” says Houston.

The Public Service Act, Respecting the Office of Communications Nova Scotia prohibits the government from promoting partisan interests:

(c) ensure that communications from the Government of the Province are

(i) timely,
(ii) accurate,
(iii) effective and designed to meet established objectives,
(iv) presented in a factual respectful manner,
(v) delivered in a fiscally responsible manner,
(vi) objective and not directed at promoting partisan interests,

Houston says the Premier should abandon the idea and try a little humility to mirror the people he represents.

“Replacing Nova Scotia with your own name is about the least Nova Scotian thing I can think of,” says Houston. “That said, using taxpayer money to increase your name recognition is the most ‘Liberal’ thing I can think of.”