Rankin Liberals drag politics into COVID-19

After continuously deflecting questions from the Official Opposition about the slow vaccine rollout and accusing others of ‘politicizing the pandemic,’ the Rankin Liberals are using their Party brand and money in newspaper ads to minimize the leadership of Dr. Strang and Public Health.

PC Leader Tim Houston says that the new Premier should stop trying to credit himself for the hard work of others.

“For Premier Rankin to stand up in the Legislature and accuse others of politicizing the pandemic and state that Public Health is in charge, all while running partisan ads taking credit, is an insult to Nova Scotians,” says PC Leader Tim Houston.

“The reality is, if the Premier thinks the Liberal Party is running Public Health, he can explain why Nova Scotians with pre-existing conditions and some frontline workers are not being prioritized for vaccinations.”

An ad running on the front page of the weekend edition of the Chronicle Herald featured a photo of the new Premier and a message stating that because of Liberal planning, every adult who wants a vaccine will receive one by the end of June.

The ad does not mention that Nova Scotians will have to wait until September to be fully vaccinated, or that Nova Scotia has spent the majority of the rollout last in vaccine distribution per capita.

Pictou West MLA Karla MacFarlane says that the Rankin Liberals are blurring the line between themselves and the work done by Public Health and the public service.

“He’s putting his name on somebody else’s homework,” says MacFarlane.

“Just like we have seen the Liberals refer to themselves as the “Rankin Government” for positive news stories and “the province” for negative stories, they seem to be using the Liberal brand for hopeful promises surrounding the vaccine and Public Health when discussing any issues or concerns,” she continued.

MacFarlane receives questions almost daily from Nova Scotians looking to receive the vaccine and she is baffled that Rankin is now putting Liberal Party branding on the rollout.

“The people I represent have questions about the vaccine rollout and when we’ve raised these concerns, the Premier has been quick to dismiss them as partisan politics,” she concluded. “For the Liberals to then turn around and run partisan ads on vaccines is completely dishonest.”