Rankin’s ignorance about nursing another reason Nova Scotia needs new leadership on healthcare

Liberal Leader Iain Rankin’s ignorance about registered nurses and licensed practical nurses is leaving many in the profession scared about what four more years of healthcare under his leadership will look like.

In an interview last weekend with CTV, Rankin said he would help registered nurses upgrade to become licensed practical nurses.
“Is it any wonder that Nova Scotia is going through the worst nursing shortage in 30 years under Iain Rankin when he doesn’t even know the difference between a registered nurse and a licensed practical nurse?” said Candice Clairmont, a licensed practical nurse who is running for the PC Party against Rankin’s Health Minister Zach Churchill in Yarmouth.  “Nurses matter – whether they are registered or practical. Unlike Iain and Zach, Tim Houston gets that.”
PC Leader Tim Houston is the only party leader that is making healthcare his number one priority. Tim Houston’s PC team has the most front-line healthcare professionals running for the Nova Scotia legislature, with 16 percent of PC candidates with front line healthcare experience as a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, paramedic, physiotherapist and chiropractor.
“That’s the choice for voters in Yarmouth and across Nova Scotia: a healthcare crisis under Iain Rankin and Zach Churchill or healthcare solutions with Tim Houston and his PC Team of front-line health care professionals,” concluded Clairmont.
Clairmont recognizes that upgrading nursing designations, including from CCA and LPN to RN can be a challenge. She is an advocate for bridging programs to work with accredited institutions to increase access for online and in-person classes to help address the nursing shortage.