Rankin to make history today by calling a “State of Emergency” election

For the first time in Nova Scotia history, a Premier will call an election in the middle of a State of Emergency.

Following weeks of pre-election spending announcements across Nova Scotia, Liberal Leader Iain Rankin is going to Government House today where he is expected to ask Lieutenant-Governor Arthur LeBlanc to call a provincial general election.

PC Deputy Leader and Pictou Centre PC candidate Pat Dunn says Nova Scotians don’t want an election campaign while a provincial State of Emergency is still in place.

“This week, both Iain Rankin and Dr. Robert Strang warned Nova Scotians that we still needed to guard against the risks of a fourth COVID-19 wave. Today, Iain Rankin appears set to put his political needs ahead of what’s right for Nova Scotians by calling an election while Nova Scotia continues to be in a State of Emergency,” said Dunn, a former educator, longtime MLA and former cabinet minister. “We need leadership that provides a steady set of hands at the wheel, not someone playing fast and loose with the public health of Nova Scotians.”

The closest we have come in Nova Scotia history to having a provincial general election during a province-wide State of Emergency is 1941, when Premier Alexander Stirling MacMillan called a general election during the Second World War, and 1916, when Premier George Murray called a general election during the First World War.