Results, Not Ministry Makeovers, Needed on Affordable Housing

Under the current government, getting Nova Scotians access to affordable housing has been a departmental hot potato.

With three Ministers and three Deputy Ministers responsible for the housing file since 2019, PC MLA and Housing Critic Steve Craig says the lack of results is related to the lack of leadership.

“Frequent senior executive changes do not provide staff and citizens comfort that this government takes housing seriously, “ says Craig. ”There is little wonder the state of housing in Nova Scotia is deteriorating.”

Housing has been part of Community Services, Municipal Affairs, and as of yesterday sits under a new department: Infrastructure and Housing.

“This approach is not providing leadership,” says Craig.

Today, at the Standing Committee of Natural Resources and Economic Development, witnesses will present on Housing Affordability and Economic Development. The PC Caucus looks forward to a thoughtful conversation which talks about medium and long-term plans about getting results for Nova Scotians.

“My colleagues who represent urban and rural areas alike are hearing from Nova Scotians who can’t find vacancies,” says Craig. “High demand and lack of supply is squeezing families out of the market. It’s an issue that didn’t happen overnight and requires action.”