Scott Ellis to carry the PC banner

Environmental educator and community activist Scott Ellis will be the PC candidate in Halifax-Needham in the next election. He was nominated on May 5.

Ellis is an energy and climate change educator, business development coordinator, and the founder of Protect Nova Scotia. He has worked with individuals and organizations locally and internationally to address the climate crisis.

In his work as a project consultant with Let's Sprout, Ellis actively worked to uphold the values of the organization, which are inclusivity, equality, environmental education, authentic leadership and meaningful partnerships.

“I want tomorrow to be a more affordable day, a healthier day, and a brighter day for everyone," Ellis said. “Tim Houston has the determination, compassion and know-how to move us closer to the future we all want.”

Ellis said the PC plans for long-term care, universal mental health and access to primary care were all the proof he needed that the PC leader is serious about making life better for Nova Scotians.

“Scott is an impressive person,” said Houston. “He’s passionate with a proven track record of bringing people together to solve problems. He will be a great MLA.”