Silent streak by Rankin Liberals on healthcare continues

For the 10th straight day, the Rankin Liberals have not made a single policy statement on healthcare

Yarmouth PC candidate Candice Clairmont says it shows how out of touch the Liberal Leader is to be the only party leader in the election campaign not to talk about health. Clairmont is a licensed practical nurse who is challenging Health Minister Zach Churchill.
“What part of a healthcare crisis do Iain Rankin and Zach Churchill not get?” asked Clairmont. “Nova Scotians without doctors, people waiting for addictions and mental health treatment, worries about ambulance coverage, especially in rural Nova Scotia, families desperate to find long term care for loved ones and the worst nursing shortage in 30 years – this is healthcare today under Iain Rankin’s weak leadership.”
Clairmont noted PC Leader Tim Houston has made healthcare the focus of his campaign because he has spent several years listening to Nova Scotians, especially front-line health care professionals. Clairmont is one of nine professionals with healthcare experience running on Houston’s PC Team, including:
• Michelle Thompson, Registered Nurse (Antigonish)
• Colton LeBlanc, Paramedic (Argyle)
• Dr. Sura Hadad, Dentist (Bedford South)
• Brian Comer, Registered Nurse (Cape Breton East)
• Carl Deveau, Paramedic (Clare)
• Nargis DeMolitor, Registered Nurse (Clayton Park West)
• Barbara Adams, Physiotherapist (Eastern Passage)
• Trevor Boudreau, Chiropractor (Richmond)
“Health care professionals are stepping up to run as part of Tim Houston’s team because Tim respects the challenges we face on the job. More and more Nova Scotians are seeing what we see: Tim is the only leader with a detailed, costed platform to tackle the many problems facing healthcare,” added Clairmont. “That’s the choice in this election: Iain Rankin’s crisis in healthcare or Tim Houston’s solutions for healthcare.”