Solutions needed for Liberal mental health failures on Digby Neck

The CBC news report today that six students on Digby Neck did not get a response when calling the province’s mental health line is the latest reason why we need a change in government.

Digby-Annapolis PC candidate Jill Balser said that after eight years of Liberal government, a new leader and new team is needed to fix mental health, especially in rural communities.  In Halifax on Wednesday, Liberal Leader Iain Rankin admitted that his government “underinvested” in mental health.
“No more excuses. No more delays. I’m running to be the MLA for Digby-Annapolis so that we have a government that finally makes the investments we need in mental health,” said Balser. “The young people on Digby Neck who need help are worth the investment.”
PC Leader Tim Houston is the only party leader who has made fixing healthcare his number one priority.  His Solutions for Nova Scotians plan includes a detailed, costed approach to improving addictions and mental health, including:

  • Making Nova Scotia the first province in Canada to ensure access to  publicly-funded universal mental health care;
  • A separate department dedicated to addictions and mental health;
  • A 24/7 mental-telehealth service;
  • A 9-8-8 mental health crisis line, separate from 9-1-1;
  • Attracting new mental health professionals to Nova Scotia;
  • Increased training options for health professionals and educators.

“When the people of Digby-Annapolis vote, the choice is clear: four more years of Iain Rankin’s healthcare crisis or Tim Houston’s solutions for healthcare,” added Balser.