Statement after new revelations about Iain Rankin’s conduct towards his former candidate for Dartmouth South, Robyn Ingraham

The new information we heard from Ms. Ingraham is disturbing.  A young woman was bullied by the powerful men of the Liberal Party into resigning as a Liberal candidate.  Not only was Ms. Ingraham forced out as a candidate, she was also told to lie to the public about the true reason for her departure.

Thousands of Nova Scotians suffer in silence from mental health challenges. The fact that Iain Rankin and his advisors thought it was convenient to blame Ms. Ingraham’s departure on her past mental health challenges is not only a flagrant lie, it also trivializes the very real pain that Nova Scotians with mental illnesses face every single day.
We also cannot ignore how fundamentally misogynistic the Rankin Liberals have once again been exposed to be. While I may disagree with Ms. Ingraham on political issues, I stand in solidarity with her as fellow women in politics when it comes to blatant acts of sexism.  The Rankin double standard is now on full display.  Iain Rankin fired Ms. Igraham while continuing to conceal the truth behind his multiple DUIs and criminal convictions.  Nobody should forget that Iain Rankin himself was originally given the green light to run as a Liberal candidate despite a history of behavior far worse than anything Ms. Ingraham is alleged to have done.
The Premier’s Office is not a place where powerful men can dictate the political success of women, rather it should be a place that encourages women candidates and supports them so that they can succeed. Nova Scotia deserves better than the lies, sexist double standards and casual cruelty to those suffering with mental illness.  Iain Rankin owes Robyn Ingraham – and all Nova Scotians – an apology today.