Statement from PC Leader Tim Houston on Auditor General’s report today, December 1, 2020

I want to thank the Auditor General and his team for their work on this Report, and for keeping a watchful eye on behalf of Nova Scotians.


In particular, the government’s failure to act on enhancing cybersecurity is concerning. In an era where the information of Nova Scotians is increasingly kept online, the Auditor General noted that we remain vulnerable to data breaches, information held for ransom, and the theft of financial assets and information.


The fact that the government does not provide cybersecurity training to all IT users puts the privacy of Nova Scotians at risk and paints a picture that this government still hasn’t learned the importance of safeguarding the information of its citizens. As governments around the world find themselves increasingly at risk of cyber attacks, Nova Scotia has shown that it doesn’t place a high importance on keeping our health and other records safe from improper access.


I call on the government to immediately communicate the steps being taken to improve cybersecurity and tell Nova Scotians exactly how long it will take.


Additionally, and despite the thorough report by the Auditor General, it’s still not clear how, and if, the government has been spending $228 million of federal COVID-19 relief money. 


Nova Scotians shouldn’t have to fight to know where their money is being spent. The culture of secrecy around the Liberal party is irresponsible. This is a time of great uncertainty for Nova Scotians. I am disappointed that the Liberals have failed to release a recovery plan that will provide much needed certainty in the weeks and months ahead.