Statement from PC leader Tim Houston on RCMP Vehicle Sales

I am relieved to see the federal government is finally acknowledging that more needs to be done to stop the sale of any decommissioned RCMP vehicles that could potentially confuse citizens.

Let’s be clear: this should have been done immediately following the mass shooting of April 18th and 19th in Nova Scotia, when it was demonstrated how dangerous it is when citizens are confused.

I raised the issue in the summer after it was discovered vehicles were being sold on Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace that still had identifying features like push bars, decals and other accessories. We were and are prepared to table legislation that addresses the problem. Unfortunately, with the Liberals' and Minister Mark Furey’s refusal to reconvene the Legislature, they put their political agenda above public safety and left this concern unresolved.

Similar to the dithering and hesitation in by two levels of government to call an inquiry into those events, this delay has caused great angst amongst families of the victims.

That’s unacceptable.

Canadians must have confidence that when a car on the road is pulling them over, it is a real law enforcement officer and not an impersonator. Police must have the same confidence that only police officers are in police cars.

I’m pleased this is being done on an interim basis. However, Nova Scotians and Canadians deserve a more robust and permanent solution.