Statement from PC Leader Tim Houston on State of Healthcare in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality

For the third year in a row, a report by the Canadian Institute for Health Information shows Cape Breton Regional Municipality hospitals as having the worst rate for deaths in Canada. 


This is wholly unacceptable.


This is not a list anyone wants to top, so the fact that a region in Nova Scotia topped the list just once should have raised alarms to force immediate action.


The fact that the government has allowed the state of healthcare to continue its decline in the CBRM is appalling.


It’s clear there has been no leadership on the health portfolio over the past three years. There has been no one prioritizing healthcare in Cape Breton.


It is also clear that over the past three years, the government of Nova Scotia has done nothing to support the hard-working front line healthcare workers in Cape Breton to give them the resources they desperately need.


I’m disappointed in this government’s failure to put the health of Nova Scotians first. An independent review must be conducted immediately. We need a government who is willing to listen and learn from past failings. Not continue to sweep them under the rug and ignore them.