Statement from PC Leader Tim Houston on the 2021 Nova Scotia Budget

This isn’t a budget that aims to provide solutions. It aims to grab headlines.

With very few exceptions, this budget won’t offer hope to Nova Scotians who have felt left behind—or let down—for the last eight years. 

Simply put, this budget is a mile wide and an inch deep, and the more you dig down, the more you will notice everything that’s missing.

We wanted to see the Premier provide hope for our healthcare system, implement universal mental health services, and restore dignity for our seniors in long-term care.

We hoped to see important changes from the status quo, instead we got soundbites.

A five percent increase, without a plan, isn’t going to fix a mental health system in crisis, or eliminate hundreds of days of waiting for help.

A re-announcement of an insufficient number of nursing home beds won’t restore dignity for our parents and grandparents.

A 60,000 person waitlist for a family doctor won’t allow Nova Scotians to get the healthcare they need, or entice people to move to our province.

I believe that if we provide the right care for Nova Scotians, at the right time and the right place, we can retain our best and brightest, encourage growth, and reach our true potential.

But we can’t do that without a government that first acknowledges their repeated mistakes in healthcare, and makes the necessary changes to fix them.