Statement from PC leader Tim Houston on the removal of MLA Smith-McCrossin from the PC Caucus

After a Zoom meeting with PC MLAs and a discussion with Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, I made the decision to remove Ms. Smith-McCrossin from the PC Caucus. The decision will also extend to future elections where Ms. Smith-McCrossin will not be permitted to run as a PC.

I appreciate her frustration and the frustration of everyone affected by the Premier's 11th-hour changes. These changes are a gut punch to people and to businesses in Nova Scotia. As a Caucus, we are focused on holding the Premier to account for his decisions but Ms. Smith-McCrossin’s failure to accept accountability for her actions at the blockade shows a lack of judgment and personal responsibility.

As colleagues for the past four years, I owed her an opportunity to explain her actions, and the efforts she took to conceal those actions from her Caucus colleagues. Unfortunately, Ms. Smith-McCrossin refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing and - when explicitly asked by her Caucus - refused to apologize to Nova Scotians.

I have the full support of our Caucus in this decision to remove Ms. Smith-McCrossin.

I want to make clear to the people of Nova Scotia that I am committed to doing the right thing even if there is a cost. That is my commitment to the people of this province.

Nova Scotians must be able to trust that their leaders will make the difficult choices.