Statement from PC leader Tim Houston on the reopening plan

The third wave wasn’t bad luck, it was weak leadership.

Now, the Liberals aren’t providing clarity and dates for a reopening, because dates and clear information would keep them accountable to meeting their targets. Dates don’t contradict epidemiology. If they did, every other Premier and Chief Medical Officer in the country would be wrong. 

They’re not. Our Premier is.

When asked Friday, Iain Rankin wouldn’t even rule out an election during the pandemic. It’s clear that his focus is getting to the ballot box rather than getting us out of COVID-19.

In response to public pressure, I expect Iain Rankin will walk back this last-minute plan, and provide specifics and certainty to Nova Scotians. Similar to testing at airports, vaccine priority for healthcare workers and first responders, opening up our border early, loosening restrictions to 100% capacity in April without a plan, schools, sick pay, AstraZeneca, childcare, and the biodiversity act, it will be yet another contradiction from a Premier who hasn’t shown what it takes to be a leader.