Statement from PC Leader Tim Houston Regarding Politicians Travelling Abroad During the Pandemic

If any of my Caucus colleagues had left the country during the pandemic to vacation, to sit on a beach, to visit family or do any of the things that Canadians have been told not to do, they would immediately be removed from our caucus. There is no grey area.

Elected officials should not only set an example, but should work hard to raise the standard. And no leader should look the other way and allow a handful of ignorant, entitled politicians to act above the rules that every Canadian has been asked to respect. 


For the better part of a year, Canadians have been asked - week in and week out -  to make sacrifices to stop COVID-19. They had to cancel weddings, they were kept from visiting parents in long-term care homes, they often couldn’t visit sick loved ones and they were isolated when it was time to grieve.


So when the same people who tell you to make sacrifices are unwilling to make them themselves, Canadians have a right to be ticked off. I know I am.


Everyone has had to make sacrifices and politicians should set the example, rather than thinking they are the exception to the rule. If that’s too much to ask, there are plenty of other jobs they can do instead.