Statement from PC MLA Colton LeBlanc on Nova Scotia's Ambulance System and #CodeCritical

I am deeply disappointed that despite making a request to the Health Committee Chair Ben Jessome for an emergency meeting on ambulance service over a week ago, the Chair has chosen to let that request go unanswered.

When I called for an immediate emergency meeting of the Standing Committee on Health to discuss the shocking gaps in ambulance service throughout the province, I didn’t expect the Liberal member to take my request seriously, given past inaction.

After all, the governing Liberals continue to conceal the 2019 Fitch Report on potential improvements to the provincial EHS service. I knew that despite the urgency and headlines filled with heartache in recent weeks, they would likely vote down any such request.

When people dial 9-1-1, every moment counts. They wait anxiously to hear those sirens and often, it’s too long before paramedics arrive. This rests solely with this government who clearly does not grasp the gravity of this situation.

If the Liberal government truly desires to fix the problem - let alone work with the opposition - they would not be afraid of examining these issues at the Health Committee. I will expect an explanation for their inaction at our next meeting. At the very least, Nova Scotians deserve to know where the government’s priorities lie.