Statement from Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston on the shutdown of the Legislature

When the Legislature finally meets, it will be over 280 days since your elected MLAs last gathered at Province House. It will be open for less than an hour before it’s shut down again. By merely meeting this obligation, the McNeil Liberals are doing the bare minimum. Their continued culture of secrecy keeps them from answering to the people, for both their decisions and their indecision.


This is the same Liberals-first approach to governing we’ve become accustomed to over the last number of years.


For eight months you saw the Premier on TV restricting and screening questions from the media, just as he has avoided questions in the Legislature.


Yesterday we were in court trying to get answers to a simple question that we asked four years ago, about the management fee for the Yarmouth ferry. Today, we see more secrecy. Whether it’s $228 million dollars of taxpayer money that they refuse to disclose, the deaths of 53 people at Northwood, or the toll mental health has had on Nova Scotians during Covid-19, the Liberals simply don’t want to be questioned, and they don’t want to be transparent.


This Liberal stunt may meet their obligation to the law, but certainly does not meet their obligation to Nova Scotians. Doing what works for the Liberals at the expense of what works for Nova Scotians is a sad continuation of this government’s disrespect for democracy.