Statement from Tim Halman, PC MLA for Dartmouth East, regarding today’s cancer care announcement

I was pleased to see today’s cancer care support announcement that will help many who are battling cancer.

I was also pleased to see the government follow a PC initiative by providing funding to the Susan K. Roberts Lodge That Gives.

However, even with this announcement, an important gap remains in the support that government provides. For those without private insurance the cost of breast prosthesis for those with breast cancer and wigs for those facing hair loss due to cancer treatments is often too far out of reach.

This adds an additional layer of emotional devastation for those already battling such a very public struggle.

On April 8th, during Budget Estimates, I asked the government to provide more support for these prosthetics. The Minister of Health indicated that cranial hair prosthetics were not a part of the government’s review of cancer care support programs, but would be added to it.

Today’s announcement is a good step, but I implore the government to provide these additional supports to those who would greatly benefit from the emotional implications of prosthetics as they fight cancer.