Steve Craig

Steve Craig


Steve Craig is Nova Scotia’s Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Member of the Executive Council of Nova Scotia, and Member of the Legislative Assembly for the electoral district of Sackville-Cobequid.

Steve’s lifelong passion is to help make life easier rather than tougher for citizens, community, and colleagues. He is an engaging, collaborative, and supportive leader who understands that change and difficult choices are embraced by some and feared by others.

He is a diligent, responsible, accountable, results-oriented, hands-on professional with a successful record of accomplishments in operations, change management and community activism.

Before being first elected as MLA in a 2019 by-election, Steve was elected in 2012 as a Halifax Regional Municipality Councillor, and later served as Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Board of Police Commissioners, where he made notable municipal improvements. Prior to this, he retired in 2005 after a 30-year telecommunications management career and served over three decades as a community volunteer in both formal and informal leadership roles with organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society, Cobequid Community Health Centre Foundation, Lake District Recreation Association, Sackville Lakes Park and Trails Association and Sackville Rivers Association, to name but a few.

Steve and his wife of 47 years, Shari Craig, live in Lower Sackville. They have adult children and a grandson.