TAGGART: Liberals can stand with NS Power, but PCs stand with Nova Scotians

The following is a letter to the editor from Tom Taggart, PC MLA for Colchester North:

This week, I was left scratching my head at the decision by the Leader of the Official Opposition to defend Nova Scotia Power’s decision to cancel or defer over 100 capital projects.

Imagine that. Defending Nova Scotia Power!

Here we have Zach Churchill defending Nova Scotia Power, the very company that has shown itself to be very good at getting bonuses to its executives and not so good at getting reliable, affordable power to Nova Scotians.

The Liberals can stand with Nova Scotia Power. We will continue to stand with Nova Scotians.

Bill 212 prevented rates from increasing by more than ten percent. The UARB said this directly in their decision.

Bill 212 did its job.

The Premier and government made the case, multiple times, that this was not the time for a rate hike. It’s not.

Our Government will continue to look at ways to make life more affordable for Nova Scotians. I know for a fact that the Heating Assistance Rebate Program being increased to $1,000 for this year has helped a lot of families in my area.

All I can say is I’m very happy standing with Nova Scotians rather than siding with the Liberals and Nova Scotia Power. I’m on the side of my Premier who stands with you, the ratepayers.

Tom Taggart
MLA for Colchester-North