Statement from PC Leader Tim Houston on the business supports announced today

The business aid announced today is weeks late and falls far short of supporting business owners and their employees who did their part to keep their community safe.

Rent was due four days ago; payroll is probably due this week but support programs only kick-in mid-May? That tells the story of the cavalier attitude the Liberals have shown toward the variants, the third wave and Nova Scotians.

Further, Minister Kousoulis stated just a few weeks ago in the Legislature that this year's budget had a built-in buffer in the event that four additional weeks of lockdown were needed. Sadly, that now appears to have been nothing more than a Liberal soundbite as the scramble over the last two weeks confirms that there was no plan for small businesses.

The Liberals were more focused on dogs on patios than planning and preparing for the third wave. They were opening borders and loosening restrictions when they should have been working with Nova Scotians to prepare a plan. Now we risk not seeing a patio let alone a dog on one.